Ways You Can Help Your New Pup to Adjust to A New House

After you have decided which puppy to bring home, making your home puppy-proof, purchased some supplies, and set a few household rules. You’re probably prepared to get your puppy and take it home. During this time, it’s normal to feel thrilled and looking forward to establishing a new bond together. However, try to put yourself in the puppy’s shoes. He is taken from his siblings and mother, the people, and the environment they are familiar with. From a puppy’s point of view, this can be confusing and scary. However, there are many things you can do to help your new puppy adjust to his new home and life. Keep on reading to know more about that below. 


After getting the puppy, perhaps the first things that fur moms/dads do would be to bring your puppy to the new house, let them meet their new family right away, and explore your place. However, you should consider taking things slowly and do the following instead: 

  • Select a potty spot. You can begin by taking your new puppy to the outdoor area where you prefer them to do their thing. When he actually relieves himself, make sure to use a command that you should always stick to, such as “go potty” or any command that you feel comfortable saying. Don’t forget to praise your puppy after they did a great job. Or you can let them be potty trained by expert dog trainers here at dogtrainingappleton.com. 
  • Help them familiarize their new home. After preparing a puppy-proof spot in your house, this is where you will bring them as soon as you reach your home. A lot of people mistakenly believe that they must simply let the puppy loose and discover the house on their own. However, this can result in a sensory overload. Too many people smell and new places at the same time may simply confuse them. Rather, it’s best if you just let them explore a specific area before you go on further discovery missions. Do this one room at a time and you’re good.  
  • Puppies tend to chew whatever they see. To prevent them from destroying your things, you should give them safe and appropriate chew toys for puppies. Also, when they begin chewing on anything else, let them chew their chew toy instead.  
  • Introduce them to their new family members. We highly recommend you to do this one person at a time. Though this can be hard with all the thrill and excitement to meet a new fur pal, you should still try to give him a chance to meet every one of you quietly.  
  • Show your pup their personal den where they can sleep. Puppies sleep between 15 to 20 hours per day. So, make sure to take him to his dog bed or crate once he appears tired and prepared to take a nap during bedtime. In contrast to what you may think, crates should never be intended as a jail for your dogs. In fact, crates are perfect for dogs as they like the safety and security that these dens offer to them.  

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