A Quick Guide to Tree Removal 

There are many reasons why you might need a tree removed but regardless of what that is, this service will cost you some money. The price of tree removal generally depends on how the big the tree is. In essence, the bigger the tree, the more expensive it is to remove.  

Tree Removal 

The national average of removing small trees is between $120 and $450. Medium trees, on the other hand, may cost you anywhere from $200 to a thousand dollars. Large trees may set you back some $400 to $1,100 while extra-large trees will definitely cost you more than a thousand dollars. The actual rate, of course, will be determined by the tree removal contractor.  

Why Does It Cost So Much to Remove a Tree? 

You must realize that there are many aspects to tree removal. Professional tree removal isn’t all about putting an ax into the tree trunk and letting it fall. What experts do is rope down pieces of the tree before chopping it down to manageable pieces. That means they need to climb up the tree or use a special equipment to reach certain branches.  

They have to do this because falling down a huge tree the wrong way does have large repercussions. During the tree removal process, safety is always the topmost priority. The safety of the worker, the property’s integrity, and the welfare of people who live inside the home are all considered.   

After chopping down the tree, the tree removal experts would also have to haul away all the debris and dispose of them properly. This is usually included in the quote unless otherwise stated. Some companies are willing to give property owners a discount if they prefer not to get any of the limb or debris removed.  

Extra Services Charged 

There are also services that are not included in the tree removal quote but may be requested by the property owner for an additional fee. Some of the said services are the following: 

  1. Stump Removal

Most tree removal companies are capable of removing stumps as well. However, this service is not automatically included in the quote. It’s always an added service and you normally have to pay anywhere from $60 to $350 per stump, depending on its size.  

  1. Log Splitting 

Some property owners have fireplaces and they definitely have a good use for the logs from the tree. However, splitting logs is rarely offered for free so it’s an added expense as. If you need it, you may have to pay an extra $75.  

  1. Limb Chipping

Same as log splitting, limb chipping is an added expense. Chipped limbs are great fertilizers which is why many property owners want to cover their lawn with some. This service may also cost you around $75. 

If you need help with tree removal, simply call the experts near you. If you live in Cincinnati, then there definitely are a few companies that can help you out. Make a quick search for the best tree removal services Cincinnati and hire the most reputable company you can find. 



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